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The 10 Best Drool-Worthy, Budget-Friendly Walt Disney World Treats and Snacks

So much Disney Food...so little time! This is a Disney food list you will want to take with you to the parks. Not only is each snack delicious, but a huge bang for your disney food buck! #Disneyworldtips #disneybudget  #disneyworldsecrets #disneyvacation #disneyworldbudget
Disney World is more than just rides, it’s so much more…

It’s an experience that you will never regret nor forget. Part of that experience is in eating their food. I can just hear you now, “Theme park food? Gross! It’s just a bunch of mass produced, blah-tasting, cafeteria food!”



Not at Disney World! The food is so delicious, in fact, it’s an experience in and of itself.

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Because we lived at Disney World for 2 years, we were able to eat our way through a fair share of the parks. In doing so, we quickly found our favorite treats and snacks. We were also able to do it on a pretty tight budget…which can be difficult at Disney!

Check out our Top 10 Drool-worthy, Budget-Friendly treats and snacks:

1| Dole Whip $4.49

I mean, you’re at Disney World…you NEED a Dole Whip! (My favorite way to have it is a float. So delicious!) You can find a dole whip in Magic Kingdom at Aloha Isle in Adventure Land. Get one and take it in the Tiki Room with you. It’s way more enjoyable with a Dole Whip!

2| Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich $7.99

This heavenly concoction is found in the Magic Kingdom at the Sleepy Hollow. They make a fresh waffle and PILE on Nutella and fresh fruit. It. Is. Amazing. We usually get one and our whole family dives in with forks and knives. The funnel cakes there are also a dream come true. (6.99)

3| Warm Cinnamon Roll $4.99

You can get this gooey warm delight at Gaston’s Tavern in the Magic Kingdom. These puppies are HUGE and so moist and delicious and they’re only $5! A bargain for such a great treat in Disney. Again, our whole family would share one.

4| Smoked Turkey Leg $10.99

This one is a bit pricier but Oh my! You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a Turkey leg in Disney World. They are so delicious. And they’re HUGE! Okay, it’s beginning to sound like we never eat our own food, but again, we always share when we get a turkey leg. It’s just so much meat! There are several places you can get one in the parks. There’s at least one vender in all the parks including Disney Springs and Blizzard Beach.

5| School Bread $3.49

This little treat can be found at the bakery in Norway in Epcot. I have to say…sadly, this is one of those treats that I haven’t tried! I heard so many things about it and how delicious these little buns are but I never got a chance to try one. But they look so tasty and they’re on $3.49!

6| Crème Brulee $4.50

This divinely delicious dessert is served at the quick service restaurant called, Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, in the France Pavillion in Epcot. It is incredibly sweet and perfectly creamy with crystalized sugar on the top.

7| Croissant Jambon Fromage $4.75

This sandwich is a great bang for your buck! It’s a croissant filled with ham, cheese, and a Bechamel sauce…a perfect lunch for any French food lover. (Or lover of delicious food!) It’s also found in the Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, in the France Pavillion in Epcot.

8| Cinnamon with Caramelized Pecan Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone $4.69

Holy cow. So good! This cute little ice cream shop called, L’Artisan des Glaces, is located in France. Another flavor that is a close second is Cinnamon with Caramelized Apple and Crumble Crunch. Delish! And at $4.69 for a scoop in a waffle cone, that’s a pretty good deal!

9| Ice cream Sandwich on Fresh Baked Cookie $5.49

Who doesn’t love ice cream AND chocolate chip cookies?! But when you put them both together…heaven. You can find this in Hollywood Studios at Hollywood Scoops at the end of Sunset Blvd. This treat is massive and delicious… and it’s only $5.49.

10| Caramel Corn $3.99

Run, do not walk to Germany’s Karamell-Kuche bakery in Epcot. This place is a caramel lover’s dream! …Caramel apples, caramel dipped marshmallows, caramel covered rice crispie treats!! Oh my! It’s not just your run of the mill caramel either, it’s Werther’s caramel. Yep, THAT Werther’s. The caramel corn is a delicious snack to munch on as you walk around the world showcase. And yes, it’s totally shareable…maybe.

Are you hungry yet? I know I am!

Tell me what you think! Have you tried any of these? What are YOUR favorite Disney treats and snacks?

(All photos are from Walt Disney World Website.)

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