Banish the Dreaded Disney Fatigue + Emotional Overload

The Disney Oil Kit $39

There’s so much riding on this once in a lifetime experience, so much hype and anticipation all rolled into one week. Disney isn’t just another family vacation, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

It’s not fair to anyone to allow negative emotions and crabbiness ruin it!

This is the solution…

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“We loved them on our trip. Even my 8 year old granddaughter, Raegan, would say “I think mom needs be calm or be happy”. Lol, she was so right. My daughter had a couple of melt downs with the crowd and how much the trip was costing her. Raegan would even recognize she need a “fix” herself and request what she need, then she’d pull my husbands arm and say “you probably need this too papa”. They worked as advertised! Thank you.”


Let me break down each oil blend…

Disney is magical…but can be so overwhelming. With Be Calm you will be able to take in the magic without all the craziness!

Lavender-Eases feelings of tension + reduces stress
Cedar Wood-Soothes the mind and body + Promotes relaxation
Siberian Fir-Balances emotions + settles anxious feelings

Q: How do essential oils actually work with emotions?
I’m so glad you asked! Oils are powerful and natural substances that have the ability to not just heal and support our physical bodies but support our emotional bodies as well.

Feelings of depression, fear, anger, happiness, joy and even anxiety all originate from the limbic lobe of the brain. Smell is the only one of the five physical senses that is directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain - our emotional control center.

Without getting deep in the science of it all, your limbic system responds immediately to smelling these oils and can give you the emotional response you are wanting instead of the one you find yourself in presently.

Q: How do I use them?
Oils are super simple. The key is to smell the oil (because that’s what is linked to the limbic lobe, remember?). You can smell it right out of the bottle, rub a small amount on your wrists then inhale, and/or swipe some oil on the back of your neck.

It’s better to use less oil more frequently than to apply a large amount only one time.

Q: Are these oil easy to travel with? Can I take them on a plane?
Yes, super easy to travel with. Roller bottles are convenient and self-contained so you won’t have any sort of spilling. Although I do suggest to put them in a ziplock bag on an airplane.

TSA regulation for liquids allows for containers of 100ml or less in a carry-on bag. Each roller bottle is only 10ml. So you can pack them either in your carry-on bag or checked luggage. Just be sure to put them in a 1-quart size resealable bag (with the rest of your liquids!) if you are carrying them on.

Never leave essential oils in your car. Extreme temperatures in either direction (hot or cold) may destroy the potency of your oils.

Q: Are these oils safe for children?
Yes! The blends have a 5% dilution to help facilitate the delivery of the essential oil to your body and helps to minimize sensitivity. They are safe children and adults.