Banish the Dreaded Disney Fatigue + Emotional Overload

The Disney Oil Kit

There’s so much riding on this once in a lifetime experience, so much hype and anticipation all rolled into one week. Disney isn’t just another family vacation, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

It’s not fair to anyone to allow negative emotions and crabbiness ruin it!

This is the solution…

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These are a MUST HAVE for for Disney Trip! I can't wait to use this for our next Disney vacation!! #Disneyworldtips #disneyhelp #disneytips #disneyvacation #disneyplanning

These are a MUST HAVE for for Disney Trip! I can't wait to use this for our next Disney vacation!! #Disneyworldtips #disneyhelp #disneytips #disneyvacation #disneyplanning


Disney Essential Oils


Be Calm
Disney is magical…but can be so overwhelming. With Be Calm you will be able to take in the magic without all the craziness!

  • Lavender - Eases feelings of tension + reduces stress
  • Cedar Wood - Soothes the mind and body + Promotes relaxation
  • Siberian Fir - Balances emotions + settle anxious feelings

Be Energized
At Disney, you will want to play from sun up to way after sundown. Be Energized will give you that extra oomph you’re needing to not just make it through the day but enjoy every minute of it.

  • Wild Orange - Brings spontaneity, fun, joy, and play into life
  • Peppermint - Boosts mood + banishes fatigue
  • Lemon - Promotes high energy levels

Be Happy
It’s true, Disney is truly “The Happiest Place on Earth”…until it’s not. Be Happy helps take control of those “not so happy moments” that will evidently sneak up on you. (Like super long lines and crazy hot temps!)

  • Lime-Imbues the soul with a zest for life
  • Tangerine-Clears the way for fun, joy, and spontaneity
  • Grapefruit-Uplifts mood

Be Present
It’s not just being at Disney that brings such joy but having the ability to absorb it all and be in the moment. Be Present allows you to step into it all and really experience each moment of the entire vacation.

  • Cilantro-Releases worry and control, enabling individuals to live light and free
  • Cypress-Allows individuals to go with the flow of life and enjoy the thrill in the moment
  • Lemon-Inspires a natural playfulness and buoyancy in the heart


And because I love little totes and cases I had to include a Mickey (or Minnie!) bag to hold your Disney oils.