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How Our Family Hasn’t Needed to Visit the Doctor in 6 Years

I can barely remember the last time someone in our family had to visit a doctor because we were sick. …because it was 6 years ago.

6 years. Crazy!

Let me just preface this with saying I am not against doctors! Heavens no! I’m so grateful for doctors and modern medicine.

I bless the person that invented the epidural! Seriously. I’m all for western medicine.

What I’m saying is that our family has not had the NEED to see a doctor because we’ve been able to address every single issue at home… with essential oils.


I know…you’re thinking…come on. How can that actually work?

Aren’t essential oils some crazy hippy thing?

Aren’t they just some kind of placebo effect?

Well, I’m here to tell you that they are pretty darn awesome.

My husband and I have both been self-employed practically our entire marriage. We own and operate our own businesses and it’s wonderful. …in many ways.

Not so wonderful in others.

…One of those being health care. It would cost us an arm and a leg whenever anyone in our family needed to see a doctor.

Our kids would start coughing and we would look at each other and think…there goes $150! Or they would rub their ear and we knew $200 later it would all be taken care of.

So when my daughter, who was 6-ish, at the time said that her throat hurt, instead of writing off another $100, I remembered an article I read about how powerful essential oils are in combating illnesses.

I owed it to myself to give it a try.

I called up a friend who I knew had oils and bought 3 from her…Lemon, Oregano, and Melalueca. I followed the directions as best as I could from what I read online and within the day, she no longer had a sore throat. She totally looked better, acted better, and felt better.

My husband and I kind of couldn’t believe it.

From that experience, we slowly started incorporating oils into our everyday lives. I would learn about something (by reading about it online) and then we would try it out.

Time after time we continued to be amazed by the power these oils contained.

Since then we have used our oils for almost every ailment you can imagine…ears, nose, throat, tummy, bummy, skin…

AND perhaps even more cool is we have almost been using these oils for not just physical stuff but for emotional support.

Toddler meltdowns, the blues, energy, tween hormones, anxiety, overwhelm…you name it.

I haven’t met an emotional or physical ailment that I haven’t been able to address with these babies.

But I’m super smart and educated on all things essential oils so that’s how I’m able to be successful with them? Right?

Not even a little bit!

I was no more educated than you are right now. I didn’t even OWN an essential oil book until recently. Do you want to know how I learned?


That’s it! I looked things up online and then tried it out.

But isn’t that dangerous? Doesn’t someone NEED a formal education in order to be safe using oils?


Do we need to know the basics of how to use them properly?

YES. Most definitely.

But it is soooooo much easier than you may think. There are certain do’s and don’ts with essential oils but for the most part they are incredibly safe.

I will mention that it’s very important to use pure oils with no harmful contaminants so that is something you need to research but overall, the learning curve to using oils is so easy.

Essential oils have saved us in so many ways…financially, physically, and emotionally.

Check out this video and tell you my absolute favorite oils that I cannot live without. PLUS, I even share how you can get my Disney Oil Kit for FREE!

If I knew a cheer for oils, I would leave you with one. But since I’ve never been a cheerleader, I’ll have to leave you with this:

If you’ve ever even thought about giving essential oils a try…do it!

You won’t regret it.