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How to Get Free Souvenirs at Disney World (The Kind Your Family Will Treasure For a Lifetime)

How to get the best FREE Disney Souvenirs...like the kind of Disney souvenirs that won't end up in the Goodwill box a year later! These are the Disney Souvenirs that my family pulls out over and over again. #Disneyworldtips #disneyworldbudget #disneyworldsecrets #disneyvacation #disneyplanning

You’re spending a small fortune just to walk through the gate. I get it.

So when it comes to buying souvenirs they can sometimes fall pretty low on the totem pole. HOWEVER…budget or no budget these Disney souvenirs that I show you will be the ones your family will cherish forever.

We have the stuffed Mickey’s and Minnie’s, the princess tiaras and the Mickey ears…but THESE are the treasures that our family keeps coming back to over and over again.

And get this…IT’S ALL FREE. You won’t spend a penny.

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How it that even possible?! Believe me, it really is. You just have to know where to look, who to talk to, and where to find them.

In this video I am going to reveal all the secrets to amazing + memorable Disney Souvenirs. And yes, they’re all totally and completely 100% FREE.

Dreams can come true…even dreams that fit inside a budget.

Do you know of any free Disney souvenirs that I missed? Share in the comments… I want to hear!

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