Inspirational Stories

Why Does God Let You Struggle?

Jon and I were pretty newly married, living in Las Vegas. We didn’t have much money but we always seemed to make ends meet and find a little extra to enjoy ourselves now and then. But when we found ourselves needing new brake pads on our car we knew we were in a pickle.

We couldn’t afford to take it to a shop so this was going to have to be a DIY project.

With encouragement and a detailed diagram explaining exactly how to replace the brake pads from my Dad (who lived 600 miles away), Jon got all the supplies and tools and got to work.

Everything was going as planned…however… (you knew there would be a, however, right?)…however, when it came time to compress the caliper with a clamp in order to allow the new pads to be installed in the correct way, it was simply not working.

Jon tried everything he could think of. (This was before YouTube had any “how-to” videos, mind you.)

We called my Dad, asking for more instructions, but it just wouldn’t budge.

As the sky grew dark, we grew more concerned about what to do. Our car was up on a jack, had both front tires off and we had no idea how in the world we were going to get the new brake pads on.

We had no money to hire someone and we had no clue who to ask for help.

We were stuck.

Years after this incident Jon and I were discussing our little adventure and I told him I don’t remember actually saying a prayer and asking God for help. Honestly, it just never crossed my mind. Jon said, “No, we didn’t say a prayer together but I always keep an open dialog with God, and I just knew it would work out.”

And boy did it work out.

Quite literarily at the end of our rope, in the 11th hour, God sent in our miracle…

We lived in an apartment complex so Jon was doing the repairs in the parking lot just at the entrance of the complex. Jon heard a man from behind ask what he was doing. He turned around to see an acquaintance we knew from our church, who also lived in the complex.

Jon told him about his dilemma and the man said, “Oh, I can help you. I’m a brake technician and I’m just getting home from work.”

Hello, miracle.

In 20 minutes he was able to help Jon put on the new brake pads and get the car in total working order again.

. . .

This morning in my prayers I found myself frustrated that certain things aren’t working out for us. I was discouraged and frustrated. But as soon as I had that thought, I remembered that incident with the brake pads.

I remembered how God is always aware of us.

I heard God remind me that he always has our back. Always. That he has everything under control. That the miracle is always there but sometimes it’s just not the right time.

In a talk given by Richard G. Scott, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, he said,

“President David O. McKay testified, “It is true that the answers to our prayers may not always come as direct and at the time, nor in the manner, we anticipate; but they do come, and at a time and in a manner best for the interests of him who offers the supplication.” Be thankful that sometimes God lets you struggle for a long time before that answer comes. Your character will grow; your faith will increase. There is a relationship between those two: the greater your faith, the stronger your character; and increased character enhances your ability to exercise even greater faith.”

Answers to prayers do come…just not always on our timetable.

You may be waiting on brake pads, a home to live in, or the chance to see a dream fulfilled but just know one thing…God is aware, and he will send in your miracle at the perfect time.