Up Your Photography Game: Join Photoberfest Photography Challenge

In 2011 I had just written my first photography book and to my complete delight had people emailing me over and over about how much their photography had improved after reading it. Total win for me. 

So I wanted to create a contest of sorts for them to show off their new skills and allow me to continue teaching them…thus Photoberfest was born. (The credit for the awesome names goes entirely to my brilliant husband.) We’re now on to our 7th Annual Photoberfest Challenge!

Photoberfest Pumpkin 2017

Photoberfest is all about daily photo taking + weekly photography tutorials for improvement. Each day I will post the new theme. Plus throughout the week I will post video tutorials…

Week 1: How to get a Dreamy Blurry Background

Week 2: Get out of Auto (the easy-peasy way!)

Week 3: 3 Secrets of Photography the Amateur Misses

Week 4: The Biggest Posing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

There will will prizes awarded at the end of each week to those of you who are posting your daily pictures using the hashtag #Photoberfest2017

You can post on Facebook or on Instagram. Just be sure to use the hashtag #Photoberfest2017 as that will enter you into the weekly drawing to be held each Saturday. Each photo you post will result in an additional entry. I’ll announce the winners via Facebook Live in this group.

***There is a Pre-Photoberfest BONUS Drawing…

For anyone who shares and/or tags a friend to join our Photoberfest Facebook Group, you will be entered in a drawing to win a 1-on-1 Skype 15 minute powwow with me where you can bring your camera, ask me any and all questions, and we can figure out how you can be a better photographer. You will also win my Full Key to Pictures 101 Online Workshop.

This Bonus Drawing will take Place on October 1st. So hurry and share, you only have a couple of days!

End of the weekly prizes will include my workshops and books.

***PLUS for EVERYONE that participates in Photoberfest this year…

you will get to download my “Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer” book for free at the end of the month! …a little incentive to get you to join in the fun!

Be sure to click here to Join the Photoberfest Facebook Group Page where you will stay updated and in the know.
This is always such a fun time of year and a great opportunity to improve your photography and collaborate with lots of like minded photographers.
Photoberfest Day List